Cerebral Palsy / Multiple Sclerosis

Cerebral Palsy 

The most Inspiring experiences in life are those that move us. In both simple actions and grand gestures, we can find the inspiration that keeps our eyes open to witness the impossible become possible.  There are so many stories from these amazing people that have completed triathlons, taken part in the Paralympics, teach yoga, painters, in fact, there is no part of life in which people with cerebral palsy have not found happiness and support. The dream career, love and marriage, parenthood, and a happy home are all possibilities for individuals with cerebral palsy – and there’s a lot of living to do.


And here at UKG Care we want to be part of your amazing journey we want to be a part of your support team so you can break boundaries in a way that exceeds your own larger than life aspirations.


So how can we help you:

  • Practice daily physical therapy
  • Practicing daily living activities
  • Promoting self-independence
  • Creating daily routines
  • Social interaction learning
  • Personal and self care

Multiple Sclerosis

Exercise is such a vital part of life for anyone but especially with someone with MS. Moderate exercise has been shown to improve strength, mobility & bowel and bladder function for people with mild to moderate.

So we are here to help .. Assist you with moderate & regular exercise Make you your daily drink of flavonoid-rich hot chocolate Assist you with your hobby whether that is painting, baking a cake, sewing or starting a new skill Prompting you with your medication as we will get carried a way doing the fun things in life. Help with and daily routines

"I have MS but MS doesn't have me"